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As announced last week, I am opening a new section where you’ll find posts written in collaboration with other awesome bloggers or interviews to inspiring people.

The first amazing girl which I had the pleasure and honour to interview is Jessica. She defines herself more as a Youtuber than a blogger and loves motivating and sharing her experiences through her vlogs. What surprised me more about her initially was how similar we are and how her videos really resonate with me and have me saying “YES!!! Exactly!!!” She’s definitely an interesting and inspiring person, because of this I asked her to answer a few questions and she kindly accepted 🙂

Hi Jessica! Thank you very much for accepting to be interviewed. I love your blog, your videos and I admire your enthusiasm and motivation, that’s why I think it could be also interesting for my readers to know you!

So, let’s start with the first question: when did you start blogging and why?

Firstly, I would consider myself more as a vlogger. I just think I like to mix it with my videos, since this is one of my biggest passions. I started blogging/vlogging because I started to feel really inspired by different emotions and experiences throughout my life and I felt like I wanted to share them with more people. Furthermore, I wanted to inspire and motivate people in different ways, if it is with fashion, travelling or music. I personally believe that the internet can never have enough passionate people with the mission to inspire others.13589011_10153841865505892_177862805_o.jpg

In your vlogs you share tips, experiences you had and advice referring to your daily life and your passions. As you’re an expat and travel lover too, did you find any initial difficulties when moving abroad and do you think it has been worth it not giving up?

I can definitely say that the beginning is always difficult. The first time I travelled on my own was in 2013, when I was 19. To be honest, I was really scared. But as soon as I got into the plane by myself, I realized that you can only grow when you do things that scare you. And that was the first step of a big adventure for me. Since then I have always been travelling on my own, and I totally love it. I would have never done anything differently, since a person can grow so much through that.

Since I also covered the topic, I’m curious to know: Do you have any techniques to make your new room/house feel like home when you travel?

I am a very easy person and I do not need much to feel comfortable. As long as I have a bed and a shower I am pretty much happy haha. But yes, the first time I have moved to Barcelona, I have taken some pictures of friends with me and I have hung them all over the room. Later on, this has changed as well, as I think that moving to a new place also means starting a new life. Obviously you should not forget about your home place, but you should be excited for what is to come.

As a German citizen, which are the top things people should know before coming to Germany?

When it comes to Germany, I can also say it depends on which place you visit an13621500_10153841865885892_1827934795_od during what time. I think especially during Christmas Time it can be very special, since we are known to have beautiful Christmas markets in every city. But if you like Beer, you should definitely visit the Oktoberfest in Munich, even if you don’t, you will have tons of fun! Typical German food can be bought all over the place. But do not think the only thing we do is drink beer haha. I think what is special about Germany is that, we have something for everyone! Recently I have visited Berlin and I have to say I love the city. I would totally recommend going there, especially if you like History. And if you don’t, there are plenty of good parties, especially for young people. And something is always going on, you will never get bored! I think for the rest you should definitely find out yourself and visit Germany 🙂

From your videos it is noticeable you have many passions and hobbies, for example you love singing too and you’re really into workout, how do you manage to keep your routine while travelling?

I guess you mean my workout routine. Well, at the beginning it was q13588913_10153841865890892_2124395215_ouite tough to maintain my regular workouts. But I have managed to adapt to different circumstances. I have learned tons of home, gym and outdoor workouts. So wherever I am, I can adapt and workout the way I am able to. But it happens that I do not workout for days or weeks. But that’s okay. I am also just human. The most important thing is, to always get back and push forward.

One last question Jessica, if you could offer one piece of advice to a person who’s moving abroad what would it be?

Do not be scared! Be excited of what is to come. That is the only way you can outgrow yourself and at the end you will be super proud of Yourself 😉

Thank you very much for answering these questions, I’m looking forward to reading your futures blogs and watching your next videos!


Jessica also made a video of my interview, including extra questions and tips so I strongly 13582433_10153841865100892_1951934737_orecommend to check it out! 🙂

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