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The second interview part of the interviews series of people who made their dreams come true is ready! This time I had the pleasure to interview Kimberley an emerging streetwear fashion designer, based in NYC. Kimberly moved to New York directly after graduating at high school and have lived there for about 2.5 years now. She absolutely loves it, and moving there has given her the opportunity to live her dream. She travel a lot and she has been producing a couple of collections already. The brand she created is growing quite fast (you can checcibelle-x-junglehood-campaign-_-hills_07k her website here 🙂 ) , which is why she is taking it easy with taking classes at Parsons The New School for Design.

-Which is the dream/s you had since a long time (specify how much if you want) that actually became reality?

When I was 14 years old, I made my first trip to NYC and fell completely in love with the city. Ever since, I wanted to live there, attend Parsons The New School for Design, and become a fashion designer. Even though of course I still have dreams, a lot of them have already turned into reality… I think this is because I usually don’t think of a dream as something impossible – I consider it as a goal and will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

-Did you follow any sort of plan (like setting goals, asking for help…) in order to achieve it/them?
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Yes – the way I achieve my goals/dreams is by setting them step by step. My rule is that I can think big, but not act too big. With that I mean, if I want to achieve my dreams, I will have to turn them into realistic achievements instead of unachievable activities. For example, when I decided that I wanted to become a fashion designer, my first step was to attend the best school I could possibly get into. That’s when I found Parsons. Step one was figuring out what it would take for me to be accepted, step two was carefully following these guidelines.

-How did you feel when you realized you were actually living your dream?

That feels very strange!! It is usually only on my down days that I actually realize what I got and in which dream I’m living in.. I remind myself almost every day of how special this is, and how I have to keep working hard to keep up this feeling.

-Which was the toughest part during the journey to make this/these dream/s come true?

Hmmm.. That’s a lot of things!! Achieving dreams does not go eCibelle x JUNGLEHOOD Campaign _ Hills_25.jpegasy – for me it went naturally, but not easy. The hardest part for me has been pulling through when I just don’t feel the motivation for a second.. NYC is a tough city to live in, so you have to keep yourself together at all times. That can get quite difficult every now and then.

-Which is one suggestion you would give to anyone who has a dream like yours and would like to make it true?

Keep believing in whatever it is you want to achieve and never doubt yourself.. Stay

focused and don’t let anyone bring you down!! It is important to set mini goals for yourself so that achieving your big dream gets more realistic. That way you keep yourself organized and before you know it you’ll be doing what you had always dreamed of!

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    This is so inspiring, Lisa! Thank you, and congrats to Kimberly.

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    Really lovely interview! Very inspiring; my brother actually wants to start his own fashion brand. Will tell him to read this! xo

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