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Since I’m now more focused on the “Drems Into Plans” interviews, it’s been a while I didn’t post this kind of interview. But there’s one which I still had to publish and I’m very happy to share with you! Indeed, I had the chance to interview Alessandra & Davide from sognandocaledonia.com , a travel couple! I have always been curious to here the experience of a couple travelling and having a blog together so I guess I asked them all stuff I was wondering about and I appreciated they have been really nice and honest in their answers 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy the read as well!

First, I would like to ascreenshot-2016-12-04-10-13-19sk you a couple of questions about your blogging experience: How much time do you spend blogging? Was it difficult to find a balance between your daily activities and blogging?

Since we’re (fortunately!) both working, it is difficult for us to keep up a full-time blog. That’s why we plan most of the activities, especially those on social networks, during  weekends when we have more free time. However, writing articles needs inspiration so we often find ourselves in the evening or even at night trying to put down in words the feelings and memories of our trips!

What would you say that is the greatest satisfaction of being a travel blogger?

Sognando Caledonia was born in 2015 with the aim to share our experiences with other people, trying to give advises in the way we would like them. Our greatest satisfaction is to be told: “I have read this on your blog and I did it and it was really beautiful!”

Talking about you and your travels, how did you first meet and why did you decide to travel?

Travels are part of our relationship. We met in high school and, once we reached the university, we started to organise cheap weekends away from Milan in order to spend some time together. Growing up and working, our travels have evolved but the search for different experiences to do together is always the inspiration for everything we do. ”

What’s your travel style? Do you like slow travel or do you like to cover as many places as possible?

Actually, we have different styles. Davide is more to visit as many places as possible, while Alessandra prefers to stay longer in a place and to discover all its secrets. We strongly believe that from the mix of our two vocations comes the setting of our perfect trip!

What’s your next big adventure, and how do you plan your journeys? Split 50/50, or is someone always in charge?

Our dream is to visit Argentina and Uruguay. We hope to do it in summer 2017, even though we know that there will be winter over there. Anyway, the organisation of a trip is usually divided 50/50: one of us takes care of the logistics such as hotels, flights, reservations, while the other one focuses more on activities to do there. What makes us always perfectly organised, however, is our continued interaction on everything related to the trip.

What’s the greatest thing about travelling as a couple?

Travelling as a couple is great for us! We’ve known each other for many years and we know our needs so well that we have established a sort of “perfect mix” that allows us to live every journey like the most amazing of our lives!

Sometimes married couples need some space. How do you go about making some personal time when you are with someone all the time?

Even if we’ve been together for 10 years now, we still cannot say we need our space! Beyond that, it is clear that passions and personal interests are often very different , but we try to accommodate us and do activities that meet both the one and the other. And since now, our system has been working greatly!

What’s the biggest piece of advice that you have for travelling couples that is often overlooked?

There is only one advice that we want to give: do not be afraid to try new sensations! Travelling is a wonderful thing, it opens your eyes, your heart and your mind. It allows you to discover new horizons, new people and new realities. Every trip is different and improves your soul. We strongly believe that the best way to travel is to integrate as much as possible with local people, to get out of the classic routes of traditional tourism to embrace pathways which maybe are less known but that surely will amaze you most.

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  1. It was nice reading this interview, as we are also a travel couple! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad to hear this! Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. Daria says: Reply

    Ahhh…sounds like a wonderful lifestyle. How sweet that this couple is so in tune with each other. I love that they understand they each have a different travel style.

    1. Yes, right?! I thought the same! Thank you for reading Daria! 🙂

  3. Thank you Lisa, it’s been a pleasure for us to answer your questions!

    1. Thank you for participating! 🙂

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