Ordinary London | Chelsea & A Wanted Man Cafè Review

Recently Yassmine and I spent a lovely afternoon walking around the lovely Chelsea area and of course we has to blog/vlog about it! 😉


Chelsea is a quite posh are aof London. This can be seen by the type of houses you’ll spot there and by the kind of shops (boutiques) located in the main street of the neighborhood. So this means that’s the perfect place where to go window shopping and (one of my fav activities 😉 ) cute-door hunting!




Indeed, the best thing to do while walking around Chelsea area is sneak in the streets perpenndicular to the main shopiing street and it’ll end up going home having thousands of picturees of colourful, flowery and full of little details houses!


Another characteristic of the area, well of all London I’d say, is to have lots of lovely cafès! I already reviewed one in this neighborhood here, but the one I one I went with Yassmine is: A Wanted Man Espresso Canteen (you can check their website here 😉 ) The design of the store is already kind of unique since it’s a country/western-inspired style.



I had an amazing peppermint & licorice tea and Yassmine had a cold shaked-coffee which she saind was very good as well 😉 I LOVED my tea put and tea cup, matching perfectly with the theme of the place.


I looked at the menu as well and it seems they have a variety of plates as well with vegan and gluten-free options as well! Actually, the also sell scratch products of organic and bio brands 😉



Click here to see the video Yassmine made about our (kinda) sunny afternooon in Chelsea!

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  1. It just looks so charming and cute there!

    1. It is, could stay there ages taking pictures!

  2. Rose says: Reply

    What an adorable neighborhood! The yellow house with the turquoise and red details is my favorite.

    1. Yes, I find it very cute as well!

  3. There are some gorgeous houses there. I love the one with the red gate.

    1. Yess I could take pictures of each of them! 😀

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