About Fromdreamtoplan

Once upon a time

Fromdreamtoplan was born during a cold danish winter in 2014. I opened the blog for 2 main reasons: to keep updated my family/friends curious about my life abroad and to use it as a kind of “anchor” for myself- it wasn’t one of the best period of my life: despite my determination, being by myself in a new country wasn’t as easy as expected + I ended a long and important love story.

Then for other various reasons I stopped writing posts… BUT now, Spring 2016: I’m back!!

I know, it has been a long time, yes okay REALLY LONG TIME.
Well, many things happened and I kind of convinced myself that I didn’t have time to write….

A few months ago I opened an instagram page @fromdreamtoplan (so btw I wait you there too 🙂 ) and I seem to manage that.

So I came up with the conclusion that: I can do this! I just have to change my way of thinking!


What will someone gain from reading my blog?

When it popped into my mind to come back blogging, this is the question I asked myself: “okay Lisa, you are more motivated and into it now but what will you actually write about?”

This time what you’ll find in the blog will be fairly different from last year. It’ll be linked to my instagram page where the topics I cover are: my travels (of course 😉 ), food (from recipes to suggestions of nice- cozy cafes/restaurants I hunted while exploring new places) and in general my passions (from crafting to singing… & more!).

“Okay but still, these are a lot of things,too many things….Lisa, what do you want your readers to gain from reading your blog?”

Well, by reading my experiences and tips I hope you’ll understand how exciting and open-minding is to leave your comfort zone. And maybe by this you’ll be inspired to challenge yourself and try new ways of doing something. 

Plus, I wish, dear followers, that  by reading my blog you’ll feel my positive energy and be motivated & inspired to start planning that appealing thought you have but never actually tried to make it happen. (I know you have one….if not more!)

I really hope I’ll be able to handle all this in the best way and of course feel free to comment and  ask me questions (are there any topics you would like me to talk about?)… your support is very important!

Thank you for reading ’till here!
(I’ll admit I’m pretty excited and yes….I’ve missed you dear followers!)