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I’m Lisa, 21, 100% Italian, currently living and working in London as Digital Marketing Executive but during my spare time I love globetrotting around Europe [and not only, actually]. To introduce myself I’ve selected these

10  true, fun (and okay, some of them are  a bit weird) facts about me:

1 I just graduated from an across-Europe Marketing Bachelor in which I have the possibility to study and live in 3 different countries, one for each academic year (Year 1: Denmark. Year 2: Belgium, Year 3: UK)

2  I’m embarrassingly addicted to Pinterest: once a friend told me “If pinning was a job you’d be millionaire” – guess she’s right

3 Mornings are my favourite part of the day so yes, I’m definitely a morning person!

4 I love motivating and showing support to people and I believe in smart, soulful conversations

5 I’m overly excited when it comes to planning and organising an event/trip/whatever you think can be planned, I love it – especially when also my best friends are involved

6 BREAKFAST & BRUNCH. [No description needed]

7 During my trip to China, a couple of years ago, I got a stomach intoxication and from that time on I can’t eat gluten, lactose, corn, and rice anymore (yes, tough life but I’m experimenting loads of free-from this stuff recipes!)

8 I’m “a little bit” obsessed over quotes – can’t even decide which is my favourite so I’ll cite 3 which are on my top 10
~ “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” -Seneca
~”Dreams don’t work unless YOU do. ”
~”There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.”

9 Despite all the wonderful places that mother earth offers IKEA store will always be my secret (well not anymore…) place to be.  

10 I took part in many local, regional and national singing competitions (Check my Youtube channel if you’re curious!) achieving great satisfactions but before gaining the self-confidence to attend them it happened a few times (3 to be precise) that I panicked and threw up on stage – yep, not that nice.


Europe: Italy // France // Monte Carlo // Portugal // Spain // Croatia // Turkey // Greece // Germany // Belgium // Denmark // Norway // UK // Vatican City // The Netherlands // Ireland

America: USA // Canada

Africa: Tunisia // Morocco

Asia: China


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