• Sunday Suggestions
  • Sunday Suggestions #18

    Happy Sunday everyone! Another Sunday Suggestion post is ready and this means (yeah many of you will know by now..) I’m reviewing a place I’ve recently been to! I’m talking about Breakfast Club, a breakfast/brunch chain present in London and Brighton. My friend and I enjoyed a very tasty brunch at the London Bridge Branch. What […]

  • Expat Thoughts
  • It’s up to you

    A couple of days ago I met a fellow expat. A girl who left her home country and moved to London to find a job. We were sharing each other’s experiences and it immediately came out that she’s hating it here. She doesn’t like the house where she’s living, she doesn’t go along well with […]

  • Sunday Suggestions
  • Sunday Suggestions #16

    Happy first Sunday of April everyone! Hopefullly you’ll be able to enjoy these amazing sunny days more than me! I’m back to Italy at the moment but I can’t really consider myself on vacation since the deadline of my dissertation is getting veeeery near! But anyway, Sunday Suggestions posts aren’t about me dealing with my […]